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Mama Mio Shrink to Fit

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Mama Mio Shrink to Fit “Voted Best Cellulite Cream” Elle Magazine

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Product Description

Transform ‘orange peel’ into fabulously fit skin for smoother, firmer hips, thighs and arms by kick-starting sluggish circulation and re-elasticising lumpy skin.

• reduces the appearance of cellulite
• tightens and firms skin to reduce dimpling
• elasticises skin’s support structure to smooth orange peel

How to use

Ladies, you are going to have to commit if you really want to see results! Please take 20 seconds in the morning or the evening to really massage Shrink To Fit into your curves every day for 30 days, ideally using our Mio Fit Skin Shrink To Fit massage technique. It is your double whammy combo that will make a big difference.

One pump per leg and butt cheek should be sufficient. It is going to feel quite hard to rub that small quantity in. THAT IS DELIBERATE. It is concentrated and we want you to really work at that cellulite. Massage Shrink To Fit in very vigorously, so you are improving macro and micro-circulation at the same time.

Fit Skin Tip We’ve developed a special Mio Fit Skin Massage Technique that helps your skin get the most out of Shrink To Fit. Using short, deep strokes, start with your calves and work up to your lower back whilst paying special attention to the fronts of your thighs—and always rub in an upward motion to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation. Ideally add some skin rolling into your massage technique. Skin rolling is used in hardcore spa treatments to really help elasticise the actual support structure of your skin, so it looks smoother and more even – like it used to! It also increases circulation in exactly the right place. As you massage upwards, try to grab a roll of your thigh between your thumbs and fingers and work that roll upwards, pinching and releasing as you move up. It takes a little practice and does actually feel like a proper pinch. But trust us, it helps enormously to restore your skin’s proper structural support (the elastin fibres) and this will ensure your skin ‘sits’ smoother and more even looking. Commit to a proper Shrink To Fit regime for 30 days and you never need to fear the downlight or the beach again!

Another little tip for you – adding skin brushing into your routine has both immediate and long-term benefits. Learn more about our fit skin passion, Skin Brushing, here.

How it works

There are two actions needed to improve the appearance of cellulite. First you need to increase micro circulation to help reduce water retention, flush out toxins and increase skin firmness. Secondly, you need to mega-moisturise to increase the elasticity of your skin so it sits flatter, smoother and less lumpy looking.

Most cellulite creams only do one of these functions. Shrink To Fit does both and is beloved by thousands of women because it actually makes a visible lasting difference.


Ladies, you are going to have to commit if you really want to see results! Please take 20 seconds in the morning or the evening to rub Shrink To Fit into your curves for 30 days minimum.

For maintenance, use once a day for as long as you wish.

Think of your new body care regime like using eye cream – you don’t expect one week’s use to last a lifetime. Two pumps per leg and butt cheek should be sufficient. It is going to feel quite hard to rub that quantity in. THAT IS DELIBERATE. We want you to really work at that cellulite, massage Shrink To Fit in very vigorously, so you are improving macro and micro circulation at the same time.

Remember that the ingredients are at their maximum recommended level so you do not need to use very much product. You have a minimum of 190 pumps in this 100ml bottle; which should be plenty for a 30 day usage. Little and often, applied properly, is the answer.


I am using Tummy Toner Skin Tightener to help retexturise and lift the skin on my butt. Can I use Shrink To Fit at same time? Yes – general rule of skincare is apply the lightest product first. Tummy Toner is a serum; Shrink To Fit is a thick cream. So apply Tummy Toner first; wait for the serum to settle and ‘dry’ (amuse yourself for 30 seconds); then apply Shrink To Fit as described above.

Is there anything else I can be doing to help? Body brushing is always a great idea to help improve macro circulation and detoxification too. Try any good quality body brush, sweeping in long upward strokes – from knees upwards. Always stroke towards your heart because you are helping the detoxification process and you want to help your circulation system do what it is designed to do – remove toxins, boost bloodflow. We also recommend that you use OMega Body Buff. This gentle but very effective exfoliator will not only help circulation but it will also slough off the dead skin cells so that Shrink To Fit sinks in even better.

Can I use Shrink To Fit whilst pregnant? We say no to this one. Not because it is unsafe but because you are completely fighting Nature by using a cellulite or fat busting cream when your body is ripe with hormones that are telling you to lay down fat deposits. This is a natural and normal part of pregnancy. Give yourself a break, enjoy being pregnant and tackle your cellulite when you are ready.

But I want a quick fix – what about surgery? We are not against surgery in any form. All we want is for you to consider surgery as your LAST resort, rather than your first. Surgery is extremely invasive (so therefore not risk free); expensive and, in many ways, habit forming. We don’t like the fact that women are sold surgery as a simple solution that will give them the body they want – and therefore make their life better. Reality is not like that. That is why we talk about body confidence so much. Looking great It is about how you FEEL about yourself much more than actually how you look.

Big women, small women, skinny women – we all have our insecurities and there is no such thing as a ‘right’ body shape. We would much rather you took control of your own image; maybe did a 30 Day Bootcamp (see Bootcamp Skincare) and felt more confident about your body through natural means.

Another brilliant way to really boost effects is to book in for a course of Bootcamp Spa Treatments. Our Bootcamp for Butts Spa Treatment is incredible at really kickstarting circulation, breaking down those fat clumps, releasing toxins, boosting the lymphatic system, resurfacing, retexturising, releasing, re-energising, tightening. 60 minutes of double exfoliation, deep tissue massage, mineral-rich algae mask – all targeted at getting your butt baby soft, your thighs much smoother; making you already feel so much happier with your rear view.

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