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There is no simple way of explaining how Get Waisted works. We have tried to shrink all the info down; just to give you the skinny, the quick lowdown. It is tough because there are NINE ingredients within Get Waisted and all of them work synergistically to give you the very best result.

Your fat cells – the quantity of them – is determined very early in childhood. If you eat more than your body needs, the excess fat is stored in these fat cells, so they enlarge. The breakdown and release of this fat is called LIPOLYSIS.

Get Waisted works by encouraging lipolysis in the fat cells within your skin. The release of these lipids reduces their size – yes, making them smaller. When combined with our double-action smoothing and tightening agents, it has an amazing ‘svelting’ and reducing effect on areas that have excess wobble and sponginess. Get Waisted is packed with no less than 9 individual ‘fat busting’ actives that work together to maximise the long term effects.

1. Phyco R75™

2. Aureamat Samphira™

3. Rhodofiltrat Delessaria™

4. Rhodafiltrat Palmaria™

5. Adipoless™

6. Adiposlim™

7. Caffeine

8. Pepha-Tight™

9. Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

Marine extracts are clinically proven to have real detoxifying, stimulating and recontouring benefits and have been used for generations in hardcore spa wraps and treatments. Get Waisted contains maximum levels of Laminaria Digitata extract in the form of Phyco R75™. Lab testing shows a significant reduction in lipids (fatty liquid) with the topical application of Phyco R75™ by using the natural adrenaline within your body. Recent studies show that they play a major role in triggering the slimming process by acting as messengers of an actual signal to break up fat. In fact, the creator’s scientists’ research showed women dropping down a jean size after 21 days use.

In Get Waisted, we blend Phyco R75™ with Areaumat Samphira™ which boosts the fat destruction action by up to 50%. Areaumat Samphira™ is an extract of Rock Samphire, another marine plant. One of its many benefits is that it increases the release of beta-endorphines by up to 152%. These endorphins have recently been proven to dramatically increase lipolytic action – all helping towards a tighter, less pudgy tummy.

Also included are two mineral rich extracts from red algae, crammed with amino acids; especially glucosamine, alanine and lysine. Rhodofiltrats Dellessaria™ & Palmaria™ are both hydroglycolic extracts that increase microcirculation and ‘flush out’ fat from skin cells.

As we all know, not all tummy flab is smooth and cellulite can appear anywhere, we have added our two favourite ingredients from our award winning Shrink To Fit Cellulite cream, Adiposlim™ and Adipoless™. Both of these compounds work in synergy to help reduce stubborn fat and prevent its formation. Adiposlim™ shrinks adipocytes by activating the fat-burning beta receptors while simultaneously turning off alpha receptors that slow down fat burning. It also boosts fat oxidation, ensuring fat is burned as cellular energy, and inhibits the enzyme lipoprotein lipase to prevent fat storage. A clinical trial in women using Adiposlim™ showed a 71% improvement in the appearance of dimply fat.

And if that is not enough, a final circulation booster, Caffeine, is also included in our jam-packed formulation.

Now we have addressed the circulation and the excess fat cells around your waist area, we wanted to ensure that the skin is super-smooth and fits you like it used to. Loose skin is often the result of oxidative stress and damaged collagen fibres. Get Waisted includes Pepha-Tight™, derived from micro-algae. It has a noticeable instant tightening effect, smoothing fine wrinkles. It protects the fibroblasts within your skin, guarding against oxidative stress and damage. Pepha-Tight™ also has long term benefits with consistent use as it strengthens connective tissue and stimulates collagen production. We have blended this ingredient with Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to create a product that will give immediate visible tightening benefits AND protect against future aging.

Two pumps is plenty – massage in for at least 30 seconds using large clockwise strokes (helping sluggish digestion, another cause of bloated bellies). Work all the way around your back. Use once a day for 30 days – no cheating!

Feel free to get creative – if your arms are tubbier than your tummy you can let them get waisted too.


Can I use Get Waisted with Tummy Toner skin tightener? If you are using in combination with Tummy Toner Skin Tightener – apply Tummy Toner first, entertain yourself for 30 seconds, then apply Get Waisted.

What else can I be doing to reduce my waist? Check out Bootcamp For Tummies – our 30 day 4 minute a day skincare and exercise system – everything you need in one box to tighten your tummy and activate your natural corset. The best news is – we SAY NO to crunches. Now, when did you ever hear of a tummy exercise regime that tells you that? Our unique Tupler Technique exercises are designed to be done SITTING DOWN so they fit into your busy lifestyle so easily – driving, sitting at your computer, watching tv.. Nice!

Can I use Get Waisted on my butt or arms? Yes. Wherever you want to reduce wobble, puffiness, excess water, target fab – Get Waisted is the right choice.

What is the difference between Get Waisted body shaper and Shrink To Fit hip & thigh cellulite cream? Get Waisted is designed to increase the breakdown on fat in fat cells; smooth and firm skin. Increasing LIPOLYSIS is the key benefit. Shrink To Fit is designed to help break down the toxins, ease water retention and increase poor micro-cirulation in the misshapen pockets of fat that cause orange peel bumpy fat – cellulite. Increasing CIRCULATION is the key benefit.

How else can I increase lipolysis? Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body – giving your body the vital energy it needs to complete whatever task is in hand. Ie – aerobic activity (running, swimming, walking); weight training (very good at reducing fat but also building up muscle which is often lost as we get older making us look flabbier); exercise that gets your circulation going and heart beating. Exercise such as pilates and yoga are amazing at toning and ensuring you are super flexible but not so good at increasing fat burning; so make sure you balance your exercise out. Anything that means you need energy in order to do it is going to increase lipolysis. So get moving and lipolysis will be increased automatically.

But I want a quick fix – what about surgery? We are not against surgery in any form. All we want is for you to consider surgery as your LAST resort, rather than your first. Surgery is extremely invasive (so therefore not risk free); expensive and in many ways, habit forming. We don’t like the fact that women are sold surgery as a simply solution that will give them the body they want – and therefore make their life better. Reality is not like that. We would much rather you took control of matters; maybe did a 30 Day Bootcamp (see Bootcamp Skincare & Exercise Systems) and felt more confident about your body through natural means.

Another brilliant way to really boost effects is to book in for a course of Bootcamp Spa Treatments – our Bootcamp for Tummies Spa Treatment is incredible at resurfacing, retexturising, releasing, re-energising, tightening. 60 minutes of double exfoliation, deep tissue massage, mineral-rich algae mask – all targeted at getting your tummy looking its absolute best.

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