Product Description

Essie TROPHY WIFE a perfect deep teal with a shimmering finish.

Tip: For a shade this rich, you need a base coat to protect your nails from staining. Try Essie First Base Coat
About Essie cosmetics: New York-based Essie cosmetics colours the world. Founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, the global brand is the ultimate colour authority and the go-to nail brand. A luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional, the name Essie is known worldwide as a beauty trailblazer and is trusted by distributors, beauty professionals, celebrities and consumers. essie is unmatched in producing high-quality, on-trend beauty products.
Celebrity Fans: Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Lady GaGa, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez are among Essies biggest fans.

Expert manicure tips from Essie herself:

File nails in one direction (not back and forth) following the natural shape of your nail bed
Use a moisturizing nail soak, cuticles will be softer and easier to push back
Start with a base coat, then add 2 coats of polish (waiting 2 minutes between each coat to set the color)
Finish with a fast-drying top coat and you are ready to go!
TIP FROM THE EXPERT: For polish to last longer use a base, like First Base Base Coat and top coat, like Good to Go! – the base coat prepares the polish to adhere and the top coat seals in color. Also, wait 2 minutes in between color applications so that the polish can set.