Product Description

ESSIE LUXEFFECTS AS GOLD AS IT GETS – a guaranteed gold metallic. all that glitters is all you need. not just a flash in the pan, this gold metallic nail polish is guaranteed to deliver megawatt manicures.

These textured top coats are designed to be worn over any Essie nail color, and bring extra shimmer, glimmer and dazzle!

  • as gold as it gets – gilded lame sparkles
  • shine of the times – scintillating opalescent aura
  • pure pearlification – decadent baroque iridescence
About Essie cosmetics: New York-based Essie cosmetics colours the world. Founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, the global brand is the ultimate colour authority and the go-to nail brand. A luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional, the name Essie is known worldwide as a beauty trailblazer and is trusted by distributors, beauty professionals, celebrities and consumers. essie is unmatched in producing high-quality, on-trend beauty products.
Celebrity Fans: Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Lady GaGa, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez are among Essies biggest fans.

Expert manicure tips from Essie herself:

File nails in one direction (not back and forth) following the natural shape of your nail bed
Use a moisturizing nail soak, cuticles will be softer and easier to push back
Start with a base coat, then add 2 coats of polish (waiting 2 minutes between each coat to set the color)
Finish with a fast-drying top coat and you are ready to go!
TIP FROM THE EXPERT: For polish to last longer use a base, like First Base Base Coat and top coat, like Good to Go! – the base coat prepares the polish to adhere and the top coat seals in color. Also, wait 2 minutes in between color applications so that the polish can set.