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Essie Fill the Gap ridge smoothing base coat

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Fills in extremely deep ridges and conceal imperfections

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Product Description

Replenishes and levels the nail plate with a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers and natural fillers. Mica boasts natural reflective properties that help fill in extremely deep ridges and conceal imperfections. Yucca, the natural plant extract helps moisturize and reduce inflammation. Creates an ultra-smooth base allowing for maximum adhesion of nail polish

Essie nail treatments are crucial step in everyday nail care resulting in beautiful, healthy nails. The superior chip-resistant, super shiny top coats, binding and nourishing base coasts and other exclusive formulas, dramatically enrich, correct, protect and strengthen nails for flawless results.


Apply as a base coat prior to applying essie nail polish. May also be used alone on natural nails.

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Weight 15 g